Catering and Accommodation

Cocinas del Mar is the Cotemar’s subsidiary in charge of ashore and offshore accommodation and catering. Our optimal services guarantee all personnel’s welfare pending their workday.

Cocinas del Mar also offers accommodation and catering to all our personnel before and after their crew rotation.

High quality standards and sanitary control are attributes of every Cocinas del Mar operations, from the food reception, preservation, and preparation till on demand cleaning service and entertainment on board.


All of our marine operation is managed within the strictest normative control as stipulated in ISO 9001. This normative control assures that our products and services are of high quality. Continual improvement is regarded as a priority for all operations.
PEMEX Exploración y Producción considers us a reliable supplier for accommodation and catering offshore.

Cocinas del mar services

Grupo Cotemar’s semisubmersible platforms and vessels are equipped to accommodate and offer catering to 4000 people at the same time. Four meals are offered per day plus on demand catering request for departments and crew.



Our platforms and vessels have more than 4000 beds to accommodate both employees and clients.
Capacity to accommodate more than 4000 people daily, meaning Cotemar accommodates 48000 people yearly.


Menus are prepared by Food Supervisors. They verify innocuous and manipulation normativity compliance. Along with nutritionists, they determine and communicate all menus nutritional values.

Food ingredients are handled in accordance to our quality control system. Internal audit is constantly executed. Samples recollected at each audit are analyzed by a certifying entity. Meanwhile, External audit is executed by Det Noske Veritas. With both, internal and external audit, food quality is guaranteed.



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